Twitter is Dumb

Hi. This is a note to all outraged Twitter detectives scrolling through endless, stupid hashtags about Mississippi.

So, last July I tweeted back and forth with an old friend of mine, creating a bunch of real dumb, clearly tongue-in-cheek hashtags poking fun at #FeelTheBern:

See that #MississippiBerning hashtag in there? Well, apparently a few not-so-smart-or-historically-aware Bernie fans started using that (incidentally) during yesterday’s Mississippi Primary.
Which is dumb.
And it’s Twitter, so of course a lot of other people got super, very upset. And started tweeting the hashtag themselves.
So there are now over 6K tweets mentioning #MississippiBerning (the majority of which are actually people decrying it as racist and ahistorical) but right at the beginning of that long list of tweets, why, there’s little old me: with the very first mention of this stunningly stupid hashtag, albeit 8 months before the rest of them.

Aaaand, again, since this is Twitter, I’ve now gotten dozens of dumb Twitter detectives hunting through the entire stream of tweets, finding mine, and then calling me a racist “Bernie Bro” because context is irrelevant and why not ignore the fact that in my tweet, #MississippiBerning was nestled in between #BernAfterReading and #BernNotice, which was just a sneaky thing I did to hide my racism and definitely not me making a bunch of silly film references.
I’m also inexplicably being blamed for starting the entire hashtag, nevermind the fact that I wrote the tweet BACK IN JULY, and despite my best attempts at being totally great at social media, no one in the history of this stupid platform plays that long of a game.

So here’s my piece: If you’re upset at some ignorant dummy using #MississippiBerning to promote Bernie Sanders, put down the torch and explain WHY it’s a dumb way to promote a candidate. And then take a deep breath and leave me alone.

TL;DR: Twitter is a fun way to become racist for making film references last year.

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