Kids fuck with yer brain

Our kids are now sharing a room and a bunk bed so the crib is done. I actually got emotional dismantling and cleaning the thing so we could sell it. It’s just a cheap Ikea crib but it was the first thing I put together for the baby (back when there was only one and we didn’t know what she’d be yet so we could call her ‘the baby’ and the description fit) and I hadn’t taken it apart since putting it together 4+ years ago as it went from being used by monster #1 straight to monster #2 (this is now the description that fits for both of them, though sometimes it’s hard to tell which one holds the #1 spot).

We’re definitely not having any more kids and yet somehow taking apart this shitty Ikea crib is making me nostalgic for having a little baby again.
Having kids fucks with yer brain, folks.

Anyway, anyone want to buy a crib?