Born in Germany but raised in New York, Josh got his start in comedy at eleven years old when he said that he wanted to be a firetruck when he grew up. It was a very funny joke and earned him the praise and adulation of all of his 5th grade classmates. Unfortunately, his career in comedy got sidetracked by middle school, high school, four years of college and ten years working in the film industry, none of which are as funny as they should be.

Josh is now a comedian and filmmaker based in Berlin, Germany, where he lives with his wife and two daughters and refers to himself in the third person on the Internet. As a filmmaker, his work has been featured in film festivals around the world and has been seen on YouTube by a couple dozen people. As a stand up comedian, Josh performs regularly in Berlin and Europe, including co-hosting the monthly storytelling open mic Four Eyes, and the monthly comedy cooking show Too Many Cooks. He is also a founding member of “GLB“, Berlin’s premiere long form improv team, co-creator of Tatort auf Englisch, and teaches improv at Comedy Café Berlin. You may have heard him as one half of piffle!, the comedy podcast he co-hosted with his younger brother Noah.

He is not a firetruck.

For booking or other information: josh(at)